HYPER 65mm: Here at last

Don’t climb many hills? Love to rip it on the flats? Are you willing to trade weight for aero gains? or just want the coolest looking wheels? Then the HYPER 65s may be for you.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: The weight. These aero beasts clock in at 1498g in rim brake and 1608g in disc brake formats. They’re over 150g heavier than their 50mm brothers. The filament construction method of the HYPER wheels becomes less weight-saving as the rim depth increases, thus the jump in weight. On the plus side; on the flats – they’re the fastest of all our wheels. The aerodynamics of the 50mm HYPER are already heavily optimized, and going deeper with the rim profile is a game of diminishing returns. As a result, the 65s are only a handful of watts faster than the 50s, but – at the top level, those few watts are the difference between winning and losing. However, on a rolling course, the 50mm HYPERs are probably the faster choice. But, if you’re chasing flat-road speed and every watt counts, the 65s may be for you. Oh, and deep rim wheels look cool. Which is the real reason most people buy them, right?

What about the appearance? We tried, but on the 65s it’s just not possible to pull off the “butterfly weave” finish that you can see on the 38s and the 50s. The result is the 65s are left with a more traditional looking finish. Do they still look cool? You be the judge.

Check them out now:

Hyper 65mm Rim Brake Version

Hyper 65mm Disc Brake Version