HYPER: Black Edition

They say black never goes out of fashion, and they may be right. We love our HYPER wheels. We think the butterfly weave looks industrial and purposeful. However, we’re all about choice here at Lún Wheels. It came to our attention that some people just didn’t like the butterfly weave. Fair enough. So, we took a bunch of them and sprayed them black. Job done. Other brands would probably drop some letters to make it cool like “BLK EDTN” or something foreign like “Edition noir”…but… nah. It’s the Black Edition.

It’s just like Hyper. But Black.

So, what is the Black Edition?

It’s our much-loved and critically acclaimed HYPER wheels; but painted black. The filament-wound construction and butterfly weave (on the 38s and 50s) that give the HYPER their performance are still there under the paint. In fact, at certain angles you can still just about see the slight contours of the butterfly weave on the rim.

What else is different?

The rim is painted black with some subtle black “BLACK EDITION” logos at the bottom of the rim. In the box we also include a set of black HYPER decals and a set of white HYPER decals so you can chose how you want your wheels to look. We have a total off 11 different colors of HYPER decals available if you want to match your bike.

Are they faster?

Nope! They’re about 10 grams heavier per wheel from the weight of the paint too. That comes out to the wheelset being about 1.4% heavier. One percent. Don’t lose sleep over it.

The Choice is Yours

The Black Edition is all about choice. Giving riders the choice to have the butterfly weave or not. We took this mentality a step further by giving riders the choice of applying or not applying the HYPER decals, and if they do want to apply them, we have more than 10 different colors available. In the box you’ll find a set of black and a set of white decals. (14 of each… you only need 12, but we supply extras in case you make a mistake applying them.) Personalize your wheels or color-code them with your bike…the choice is yours!


  • The “Lún Performance Wheels” logo and BLACK EDITION logos are non-removable.
  • The supplied Black and White decals come unapplied and should be applied by the user. For instructions on installing the decals, see here: Decal Installation
  • While the black paint covers the appearance of the butterfly weave, it does not fully cover the contours. As such, in certain lighting conditions the undulating contours of the side of the rim profile may be visible. This does not constitute a defect.
Decal Installation Instructions