Re-inventing the Wheel

When we sat down to design the Lún HYPER Wheel we considered going the route of our competitors and tweaking the design for a minor improvement. Shave some weight off the rim perhaps. Maybe tweak the spoke lacing. However, we soon realized a wheelset is more than the sum of it’s parts. Upgrading one element causes consequences on another part of the wheel. So, we took the decision to start from scratch and re-invent the wheel so to speak, for an all-new premium performance package. New rim, new spokes, new hub.

The Rim: Butterfly Effect

The butterfly weave of the rim surface does look cool, but it’s more than just aesthetics. These carefully filament-woven plies of carbon are positioned to reinforce the rim at the spoke holes and evenly distribute tension throughout the entirety of the rim. Furthermore the 26mm outer rim width is designed to optimize aerodynamic efficiency and reduce instability in crosswinds. The 19mm inner rim width is tubeless ready and supports the ongoing trend for wider and wider road bike tires.

Spokes: Superior material properties

We’ve been using carbon spokes on our Hyper wheels for years. But for our latest wheels we totally redesigned the spoke making it lighter, stronger and more aerodynamic – the holy trinity of bike design. With their higher stiffness and greater tensile strength carbon spokes guarantee maximum power transfer giving you the edge in all-out sprints and high power climbs. Their aero profile also improves the efficiency of the wheel without compromising on weight.

Hub: The heart of a wheelset

Due to the unique design of carbon spokes, an off-the-shelf hub won’t do. We engineered our hubs with 3 main goals; reliability, efficiency and lightweight. Over-sized 17mm central axles and optimized flange radius contribute to the overall strength of the wheelset, allowing the use of large ceramic bearings to minimize rolling resistance. The drive-side flange allows for the optimum spoke angle and length for maximum power transfer. An optional XDR driver ensures your wheels are future-proof.

Lightweight or Aero? Why not both.

Usually wheels are a trade-off between lightweight or aero. There are lots of high-profile 80mm wheels out there that perform well aerodynamically. There are lots of 20-30mm, stubby box-section wheels out there that look impressive on the scales but are aerodynamically poor at any speed above 10kph. Likewise there are a selection of wheels that try to do both and just end up mediocre in all fields. With HYPER, we’ve aced them both.
Independently wind-tunnel tested by Hambini Engineering, the 50mm HYPER wheels have the aerodynamic performance of the massive 80mm ZIPP 808s but weigh over half a kilo less. In fact, they were the fastest 50mm wheel they ever tested. Their smaller 38mm HYPER brothers share the same design ethos and clever wind-tripping profile so rest assured, no matter which one you choose you’re getting ridiculously lightweight wheels with the aerodynamic performance of much heavier time-trial wheels.

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  • 38mm , 50mm or 65mm tall filament-wound rim with 26mm external and 19mm internal rim width. Filament winding puts the carbon’s strength where it’s needed allowing crucial weight savings in non-essential areas.
  • Tubeless-ready hooked rim bead-seat supports tubeless tires from 23-45mm. Tested with Schwalbe Pro One, Continental GP5000 TL.
  • High-temperature resistant, high-friction braking surface on rim brake versions.


  • Carbon fibre spokes with excellent strength to weight ratio weighing 2.6g per spoke.
  • Aerodynamic profile for decreased air resistance.
  • Rear wheel : 2:1 spoke lacing on rear wheels. 21 spokes.
  • Front wheel : 2:1 spoke lacing on disc brake wheels, 21 spokes. Radial lacing on rim brake wheels, 16 spokes.


  • Bespoke engineered Winspace hubs.
  • Over-sized 17mm central axles.
  • Supplied with standard Shimano compatible 11s freewheel body.
  • SRAM XDR Driver also availible upon request.
  • Bicycle specific Ceramic bearings for decreased rolling resistance.
  • Compatibility: Disc brake versions compatible with F:12×100 R:12×142 thru-axles.


Actual listed weights as follows:

  • 38mm rim brake: 1267g.
  • 50mm rim brake: 1349g.
  • 65mm rim brake: 1498g.
  • 38mm disc brake: 1343g.
  • 50mm disc brake: 1425g.
  • 65mm rim brake: 1608g.

All weights are supplied for fully built wheelsets consisting of rims, spokes, nipples, hubs, bearings and freehub assembly and are accurate to +/-3% .

Will they fit my front fork?

In order to extract maximum performance out of our wheelset and get the most of the mechanical advantage that carbon spokes bring our HYPER wheels are designed with a rather large hub flange for the spokes. This is a common practice amongst many high performance wheelsets. There are no issues of compatibility for rim brake wheels, and there are no issues of compatibility with mainstream brands. The only possible issues are with very rare disc brake forks that feature oddly shaped dropouts. In these cases; make sure the inner face of your fork is flat and does not feature ‘recessed dropouts’ as in the left-most example below. Most forks on the market feature standard ‘in-line’ drop outs and we have tested our wheels with many forks, but it is impossible for us to test with every fork out there, If you want to be 100% sure, we have a 1:1 scale cutout of our hub you can print-out and check. Download it by clicking the image below.

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